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Voice Acting Projects

Jenni has been voice acting since 2006, both inside and outside the Tomb Raider fan community. Her resume includes documentaries, TRLE and other games, trailers, animations, movies, and audio dramas.

2020 – 2021
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2014 – 2015
2012 – 2013
2009 – 2012
Tomb Raider: Underworld Tutorials
Journeys of a Time Lord: The Dr Who Audio Tales

The Dr Who Audio Tales - Flashbang
2006 – 2007
Voice Acting Reviews
"Since Tomb Raider fans obviously have no way of getting Keeley Hawes to voice Lara in their fanmade works, they use Tomb Raider Forums mod Greenkey2 (Jenni Milward) who sounds very similar to both Keeley and a previous voice actress, Judith Gibbins."

TV Tropes "Poor Man's Substitute"
"From the very first start I was fascinated by the moving screen and the amazing monologue of Lara voiced by one of the best Lara Croft voice actress in the TRLE community.and the voice over is amazing."

Nephilim (21st January 2015)
"I often pressed the 'H' key not for a hint itself, but just for pure pleasure to listen to Lara's voice, everytime wondering how it's been executed - and each time it was excellent. I also enjoyed the fact that, together with Lara's frequent lines, there were no supporting character dialogues. That resulted in perfect isolation feeling - it seemed Lara felt so lonely that she started to talk to herself."

DJ Full (8th October 2013)
"Oh, and what delight we have. At least, I can only speak for those who select the English audio when setting up this game, for we are treated to the melodious and ever alluring voice of Jenni Milward as Lara. Ah! Vocal treat done then, it's on with the game."

Czar (25th December 2008)
"My review would not be complete without a special acknowledgement to the person who does Lara's voice in this game - it is just perfect IMO.  I think the custom world of Tombraider owes you a debt of thanks for your wonderful contribution of "Lara's voice" - it's unquestionably the best!"

Mugs (27th February 2013)
"The award for Best Lead Female of 2010 not only goes out to Samantha Weaver but to Jenni Milward, the actress who voices her in the audio series Doctor Who Tales. The character easily lives up the reputations of previous strong female characters and surpasses it in many ways. Hailed as the series' best point, Jenni's portrayal of Sam is both realistic and emotional, allowing readers to follow her story and to actually care for her."

Mugs (27th February 2013)
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