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Note: where a person, object, place, event etc. has a human AND a Nephilim/Watcher name, the description is given in the entry for the most familiar name.

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Abbott, The: A master within the Lux Veritatis order and custodian of their stronghold on Black Isle in the mid 1200s until his death at the hands of Pieter Van Eckhardt in 1276.
Adaren: (ad-DAAR-en) A Nephilim and daughter of Daesuan.
Adept: Umbrella term for people whose aetheric abilities have been refined and strengthened through many years of training, e.g., most members of the Lux Veritatis.
Aether (n); aetheric (adj): The propagation medium of thought, dreams, and the higher mental powers that both sits alongside and permeates the other dimensions. See also Prima Materia.
Agency, The: A global security and consultancy company based in Prague. Operated by Marten Gunderson, the Agency is the legitimate front for the Cabal’s shady military recruitment and operations.
Alchemy: An extremely ancient art combining natural philosophy and quasi-scientific/proto-scientific traditions practised in various times and places, including China, India, Arabia, Egypt, Greece, and Europe. All forms of alchemy make great use of esoteric symbols and codes, and there is usually significant crossover with other fields such as astrology, religion, magic, and medicine. All forms of alchemy attempt to investigate various goals, including (but not limited to): the study of aether; finding a universal solvent (alkahest); a universal cure for disease (panacea); achieving transmutation (chrysopoeia) particularly of base metals into “noble” gold (i.e., the Philosopher’s Stone); and an elixir of immortality.
Alexis: Friend and colleague of Kurtis Trent during his time with the French Foreign Legion.
Angels: Name given in the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to divine messengers and servants of God. Religious texts are often conflicted over whether Angels are corporeal or incorporeal and how they relate to humanity.  
Arcanum: See Siglum.
Armartu’erin: See Tuatha Dé Danann.

Baetyl Stones: (bay-TILL) Arrowhead-shaped devices crafted from ferilium. The Lux Veritatis use them as teaching tools to help hone their telekinetic skills, but they can also be used as deadly weapons. See Irenweapns.
Black Alchemist, The: Epithet given to Pieter Van Eckhardt during the first Shadow War 1345–1445.
Black Isle: A small island off the south-west coast of Ireland whose nearest mainland port is in the village of Connussie. Site of a former Lux Veritatis stronghold.
Blood Sign: Another name for the Sanglyph. See Sanglyph.
Bloodline Chamber: A secure vault at the heart of most Lux Veritatis strongholds that combines the functions of safe room, archive, and ritual chamber. Their most important feature is an ablution pool of blessed water (known as the sanguine aquis) similar to a Jewish mikvah, where immersion baptisms, purifications, and even aetheric healing rituals are held.
Boaz, Dr. Kristina: Former head of corrective and remedial surgery in Prague’s Strahov Psychiatric Institute and now-deceased member of the Cabal. She was fused with one of Dr. Grant Muller’s experimental mutants and transmogrified into an insectile monster as punishment after she failed to carry out Pieter Van Eckhardt’s orders. She was later killed by Kurtis Trent, though she managed to severely wound him in the process.
Brother Estienne d’Orlac: A Lux Veritatis and scribe on Black Isle in the mid-to-late 1200s. He recorded the death of the Master and the mysterious disappearance of initiate Pieter Van Eckhardt in his journals.
Brother Matthieu Obscura: A monk charged by the Lux Veritatis to paint over (i.e. disguise) the five Obscura Paintings after they were seized from Pieter Van Eckhardt in 1445. He also made secret copies of the Paintings’ original images, each of which contained encoded maps to each corresponding Painting’s hidden location. After his death, his body was interred in the Lux Veritatis stronghold beneath Paris in 1461, where his restless spirit stood guard over one of the Obscura Paintings until Lara Croft stole the Painting in 2002.

Cabal, The: A secret society of five alchemists, sorcerers, scientists, military strategists, and other esoteric professionals handpicked by Pieter Van Eckhardt during the first Shadow War to serve him and further his goal of reviving the Nephilim race. He murdered the original five Cabal members to create the Sanglyph, which was later dismantled after his capture in 1445. However, a new Cabal swiftly formed around the legend of the Black Alchemist (aided and abetted by Karael), and was ready and waiting to nurture and support Eckhardt upon his release from the Kriegler Fortress in 1945.
Cappadocia: A region encompassing large swathes of modern-day central and eastern Anatolia (Turkey). It is famous for its unique rock formations and ancient underground cities.
Catrich: (cat-TRICH) Catch-all term for any of the crystalline or ferilium components used to configure or enhance arcane weaponry, e.g. the Irenwaepns.
Chimoya, Annessa: Alias of Morgau Vasiley.
Chingacha Red Hand: Eldest son of Marie Cornel and Kurtis Trent’s older half-brother. A Navajo tribal protector and ally of the Lux Veritatis.
Chirugai: One of the Irenwaepns. See Irenweapns.
Cornel, Marie: Navajo specialist in Shamanism and the Way of the Warrior. Wife of Konstantin Heissturm and mother of Chingacha Red-Hand and Kurtis Trent.
Council of Seven: A mysterious group of seven powerful Watchers who lived many thousands of years ago, yet who apparently had foreknowledge of Lara Croft and her struggles against Karel.
Croft, Lara: British archaeologist-adventurer for hire, recently dragged into the events of the Shadow War by the murder of her one-time mentor, Werner Von Croy.
Cubiculum Nephili: The stone casks or sarcophagi specially designed to hold the bodies of the seven Sleepers. Sometimes the term is used to denote the Sleepers themselves.
Culcrys: “Spear Axe”. See Irenweapns.
Cuirass: A customised armoured corslet crafted by Pieter Van Eckhardt and worn by Morgau Vasiley as a means of holding her ravaged body together.

Daesuan: (day-SOO-aan) A Watcher and physician living in Mulalas. His Watcher name, Daesuan, gave rise to “azu” (Old Akkadian “doctor”). He inspired the later persona of Dian Cécht among the Irish–Celtic Tuatha Dé Danann.
Daedalus Locks: A series of interlocking and revolving underground chambers, designed to confuse and ensnare potential invaders. This architectural feature was often employed by the Lux Veritatis to secure their underground vaults.
Demon: A supernatural, usually malevolent spiritual entity, often capable of possessing the corporeal bodies of mortals. Opinion is divided about their true nature, origins, and means of control, all of which forms a major branch of study in both occultism and the alchemical arts.       
Demon’s hand: See Eckhardt’s Glove.
Dian Cécht: See Daesuan.
Diratuku: See Nephilim.

Eckhardt, Pieter Van: A crazed 13th-century alchemist, sadistic genius, and former initiate of the Lux Veritatis. After forsaking his L.V. allegiance, Eckhardt began working for Karael and other Nephilim, earning him the epithet “the Black Alchemist” during the first Shadow War. In his attempts to restore the Nephilim race to glory, Eckhardt learned of the Golden Lion prophecy and tried to betray his erstwhile allies, only to be imprisoned beneath the Kriegler Fortress for five-hundred years as punishment. Eckhardt was freed in 1945 and immediately resumed his work, but was later killed by Karel – aided by Lara Croft – in 2002.
Eckhardt’s Glove: An advanced piece of alchemical apparatus constructed by Pieter Van Eckhardt (with the help of the Nephilim) to aid in his research. It was customised to extract and purify alchemical elements, perform transfigurations and surgical operations (with or without the subject’s cooperation), and many other functions. Also known as the Manus Diabolus or Demon’s Hand.
Elixir of Life: A legendary alchemical substance said to be produced by the Philosopher’s Stone and capable of conferring immortality. Often confused with Vitalis Eterna serum.

Father Patrick “Bram” Dunstan: A Catholic priest and member of the Lux Veritatis based in Connussie, Ireland. He is custodian of Black Isle and a long-term friend of Lara Croft.
Ferilium: A rare, incredibly durable, and aetherically sensitive metal found in certain types of meteoric rock. Also known as meteoric iron or sky iron. Used by the Lux Veritatis in the construction of the Irenwaepns and other arcane devices.
Four Cities, The: Four legendary settlements in Ireland founded by the Tuatha Dé Danann of Irish/Celtic legend, named Falias, Finias, Gorias, and Murias. The legends were inspired by ancient Nephilim settlements along the Atlantic coastline of northern Europe  – named Inimas, Alassila, Galisa, and Mulalas – which were concealed, fortified, and isolated from the passage of time many thousands of years ago.

Glyph: A symbol used to anchor, direct, and manipulate magical energies. Also known as wards, glyphs can be inscribed, painted, or otherwise applied to almost any physical object, including the skin of living beings. Glyph-based magic was used extensively by the Watchers.
Golden Lion, The: A supreme-being, messianic figure prophesied to rule over humans, Nephilim, and Watchers alike.  
Golem: A quasi-living being constructed of inert materials and brought to “life” through the use of magic (usually a scroll inscribed with various spells inserted into its body, usually inside the head). It has no mind or initiative of its own, but will follow the instructions of its creator-master without hesitation. Golems cannot feel pain, fear, or other other emotions, and are incredibly hard to disable or destroy.
Golemancy/Golemancer: The art of golem making/one who creates and controls golems.
Gotland: A Swedish island in the Baltic Sea. The site of Morgau Vasiley’s capture by the Cabal and where she dumped the Chirugai’s Vasculum.
Grandmaster: The highest rank within the Lux Veritatis and its overall leader.
Gunderson, Marten: Security and tactical operations expert within the Cabal. Pieter Van Eckhardt’s personal bodyguard. Head of the Agency.

Heissturm, Gerhardt: Father of Konstantin Heissturm, grandfather of Kurtis Trent.
Heissturm, Konstantin: Father of Kurtis Trent and former Grandmaster of the Lux Veritatis.
Horus: An ancient Egyptian sun god associated with hawks/falcons and sovereignty. Lara Croft recovered his armour and summoned his spirit as part of a ritual to battle Seth in 1999–2000, and has experienced intermittent, mysterious visions of Horus ever since.

Illusionist, The: A moniker of Luther Rouzic, referencing his specialism in shadow magic. See Rouzic, Luther.
Imbamuru: (im-BAR-moo-roo) The Watcher name for the protective, magical mists the Armartu’erin created to conceal their lands along the western coast of Europe, as well as the lands themselves. Gave rise to words like “muru” (Old Babylonian “rainstorm, drizzle, mist”), and “imbaru” (Old Akkadian “mist”).
Initiate: The lowest rank within the Lux Veritatis.
Irenfolm: “Iron Hand”. See Irenweapns.
Irenscyld: “Iron Shield”. See Irenweapns.
Irenwaepns: Arcane weaponry forged from ferilium by the Lux Veritatis. The Irenweapns are highly sensitive to aetheric energy and applied willpower. They must be aetherically attuned to each user in a dangerous, often prolonged process of mental bonding, and do not take kindly to being handled by lay persons. Examples include the Chirugai, the Culcrys, the Irenfolm, the Irenscyld, and Baetyl Stones.

Kaleta, Vladimir: A Russian general in the 1200s. He invaded Black Isle in search of the rumoured “scroll of immortality” in 1270. However, reading the scroll instead caused him to become possessed by the demon Verdilet. The Lux Veritatis managed to defeat him and trap his spirit in limbo on the island. He was eventually released in 1982 by a teenage Lara Croft, but was later defeated and banished.
Karael: See Karel, Joachim.
Karel, Joachim: The human alias of Karael, the last surviving Nephilim. His most recent human guise is as the financial and legal overseer of the Cabal under Pieter Van Eckhardt. His ultimate goal is become the Golden Lion.
Knight: The second rank within the Lux Veritatis, above Initiate and below Master.
Knights Templars: Also known as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. The Templars were a Catholic military order founded in 1119, recognised by Papal bull in 1139, and dissolved in 1312. The Lux Veritatis were founded as a highly secretive offshoot of the Templars in 1176.
Kriegler (dynasty): A German noble family enfeoffed (granted lands and titles) in 1003 after services to King Henry II of Germany. They were the original builders and custodians of the Kriegler Fortress.
Kriegler Fortress, The: A medieval fortress constructed in the 1000s by the Kriegler family in the mountains on the present-day Czech–German border and ceded to the Lux Veritatis in 1161. Site of the Pit where Pieter Van Eckhardt was imprisoned between 1334 and 1945.

Labyrinth, The: The Lux Veritatis catacombs beneath Black Isle.
Lilith: Moniker given to Morgau Vasiley by Pieter Van Eckhardt.
Lux Veritatis, The: A secret offshoot of the Knights Templars, founded in 1176 specifically to combat the Dark Arts (including the Nephilim). There are four levels of rank within the order: Initiate, Knight, Master, and Grandmaster. Lux Veritatis are skilled combatants and strategists, and most are also adepts in the magical and aetheric arts. Pieter Van Eckhardt’s campaign of bloodshed against the order after his release in 1945 drove the Lux Veritatis to the brink of extinction.

Magan: (mag-GAAN) A Nephilim and son of Daesuan. His name gave rise to “magin” (Old Babylonian “boat builder”).
Master: The third rank within the Lux Veritatis.
Menhir: A vertical standing stone, sometimes decorated with carvings.
Monstrum, The: Epithet of Pieter Van Eckhardt, used by a baffled media to describe both the serial killer and their gruesome murders that took place in the latter half of the 20th century.
Mortua vivendi: The “living death” curse endured by Pieter Van Eckhardt for five hundred years in the Pit beneath the Kriegler Fortress.
Muller, Dr. Grant: Head of the botanical research operations at the Strahov, formally head of the dubious World Pharmaceuticals Commission based in Rome. Killed by a transmogrified Boaz.
Musa’ubarum: See Watchers.

Namaru: See Periapt Shards.
Navajo: A Native American people primarily based in southwestern USA. Kurtis Trent is related to them through his mother, Marie Cornel.
Necromancy: The occult art of contacting, communicating, and in some cases controlling the spirits and/or bodies of the dead.
Nephilim: The Judaic–Christian term for the hybrid offspring of Watchers and ordinary humans. They refer to themselves in their own language as diratuku, which gave rise to Old Babylonian words “dumusaĝ” (“first-born child”), “atuku” ( “powerful, able-bodied”), and “dirig” (“(to be) very great, supreme, more than, (to be) powerful, huge, radiance”). Nephilim enjoy many of the gifts of their Watcher parents, although not to same intensity/degree, including greatly extended lifespans, physical strength, aetheric powers, and immunity to most forms of disease.
Niklas: A young resident of a village near to the Kriegler Fortress.
Nuada: A Watcher and leader among the Tuatha Dé Danann. His Watcher name, Nuartu, gave rise to “numma” (Old Akkadian “vulture”) and “martu” (Old Babylonian “westerner”), literally “the vulture who fled west”. He inspired the later persona of Nuada among the Irish–Celtic Tuatha Dé Danann.
Nuartu: See Nuada.

Obscura Engravings: Five engraved copies of each of the five Obscura Paintings, produced by Brother Obscura between 1445 and 1461. Each engraving contains an encoded map of its corresponding Painting’s secret location.
Obscura Paintings: Five images painted on five wooden bases by Pieter Van Eckhardt in the 1300s and used to conceal the five pieces of the Sanglyph. They were seized by the Lux Veritatis after Eckhardt was confined in the Pit beneath the Kriegler Fortress, and painted over with innocuous religious imagery.  
Otherworld, The: A shadow-world in Celtic mythology populated by the dead and deities/supernatural beings such as the Tuatha Dé Danann. In reality, it is both the protective, magical mists created by the Watchers to conceal their lands along the western coast of Europe, and the lands themselves. Its Watcher name, Imbamuru, gave rise to words like “muru” (Old Babylonian “rainstorm, drizzle, mist”), and “imbaru” (Old Akkadian “mist”).

Pengal: Magan’s cat.
Periapt Shards: Dagger-like artefacts crafted from crystallised aether by the Watchers. Their handles are milky-white and the “blades” resemble obsidian (volcanic glass). Although they are potent weapons, especially against enchanted or supernatural targets, their primary use is as conductors of aetheric energy for casting spells. They are known as namaru in the Watchers’ own language, which gave rise to the Old Akkadian word “namāru" (“(to be) pure; (fire) light; (to be) bright; to shine”).
Philosopher’s Stone: A legendary substance said to be able to transmute base metals into gold and produce the Elixir of Life. It is recognised as one of the primary goals of alchemy.
Pit (Pit of Pain): A large chamber beneath the Kriegler Fortress which was used to imprison Pieter Van Eckhardt between 1345–1945.
Prima Materia: The ubiquitous starting ingredient of the alchemical “Great Work” to produce the Philosopher’s Stone. It is referred to as the “first matter” and represents nothing more or less than primordial chaos or pure aether. See Aether.
Primrose: Father Patrick’s cat.
Putai: A mysterious, nomadic shaman who found and saved Lara Croft at the turn of the millennium.                           

Renner, Vance: An alias of Kurtis Trent during his mercenary years.
Rouzic, Luther: Former Librarian Honorarium at the Prague city archives, keeper of the Strahov Archives, and member of the Cabal. Also known as the Illusionist.

Sanglyph, The: An alchemical device constructed by Pieter Van Eckhardt in the 1300s to absorb, redirect, and transmute life energy. He intended to use it to awaken the Sleeper. For safety’s sake it was normally kept deconstructed in five pieces which were hidden in the five Obscura Paintings. See Blood Sign.
Sanguine aquis: Literally “bloodline waters”. These are the blessed waters used for purification, healing, and ceremonial purposes in Lux Veritatis Bloodline Chambers.
Seth: An ancient Egyptian god of chaos and the desert. His spirit was accidentally released in 1999 by Lara Croft, who later defeated and imprisoned him beneath the Great Pyramid.  
Shadow War, The: Name given to the ongoing conflict between the Lux Veritatis and the Cabal (specifically Eckhardt).
Sight, the: Colloquial term for aetheric powers.
Siglum: An esoteric symbol or Glyph personalised to an individual. It is used both as a signature and an anchor of a person’s identity during mediation or spell-casting, and often takes the form of an amulet, talisman, or tattoo. Also known as an Arcanum.
Sleepers: The entombed bodies of the Council of Seven. Also called the Cubiculum Nephili. They are in a permanent state of “death, but dreaming”, and can only be reawakened by elaborate (and dangerous) rituals.  
Snaefellsjökull: An extinct volcano in Iceland. Site of Konstantin Heissturm’s capture by Pieter Van Eckhardt.
Strahov, The: A Cabal fortress located just outside Prague. It was built above a former Lux Veritatis stronghold, the Vault of Trophies, where the fifth Obscura Paining was hidden back in the 1400s.

Temple of Horus: A vast pre-dynastic temple dedicated to Horus located beneath the Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu) in Giza, Egypt.
Trent, Kurtis: Last-surviving knight of the Lux Veritatis, ally of Lara Croft.
Tuatha Dé Danann: (too-AT-aa day-DAN-nan) Name given in Irish–Celtic mythology to a group of deities who came to Ireland and ruled it for many centuries before the coming of the Milesian Irish, as chronicled in the Lebor Gabála Erinn (the Book of Invasions). Also called the Tuath Dé (“Tribe of the Gods”) or Aes Sídhe (“People of the Mounds”). The legends preserve ancient Celtic memories of the group of Watchers and their Nephilim children who founded settlements along the western coast of Europe, and who retreated from the Watchers’ civil war behind magical defences. Their Watcher name, Armartu’erin, gave rise to Old Akkadian and Old Babylonian words such as “martu” (“westerner”); “amurru” (“westerner, west wind”); and “erin” (“people”). See also Armartu’erin.

Vance Renner: Alias of Kurtis Trent during his freelancing years.
Vasculum (plu. Vasculi): Special caskets for storing the Irenwaepns.
Vasiley, Matthias: Former knight of the Lux Veritatis turned art dealer. Killed by Pieter Van Eckhardt. Father of Morgau Vasiley.
Vasiley, Morgau: The renegade daughter of Matthias Vasiley. She inherited her father’s Lux Veritatis heritage and powers piecemeal, and spied on both the Cabal and Lux Veritatis before being caught and tortured by Pieter Van Eckhardt.
Vitalis Eterna serum: A powerful alchemical elixir used to prolong or sustain life, even in the case of hideous physical injury or disease. However, it is also highly addictive and one of its main ingredients is human blood taken from an unwilling victim.

Wards: See Glyphs.
Watchers: A group of people with extraordinary, god-like powers and longevity – legends of whom survive in distorted form and in almost every culture right up to the modern day (including the Judaic–Christian tradition that gave us the term “Watchers”). They refer to themselves collectively as musa’ubarum, which gave rise to later Sumerian/Akkadian/Babylonian words for “foreigner”, “white”, and “hair, carded wool” (descriptions that reflected their physical appearance).
Werner Von Croy, Professor: Mentor and sometime rival of Lara Croft. Murdered by Karel.

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